Wall Sconces for a Wow Factor in Any Room

Wall Sconces for a Wow Factor in Any Room

Create the Wow Factor with Wall Sconces

Your home is the place that you can express your style, making it a reflection of who you are.  It’s an opportunity to create a haven that’s all your own, with elements that provide comfort and relaxation.  There are many things that go into design, including color, smell, and lighting.Lighting

Although many people overlook it, lighting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to home decor.  It helps to create warmth within the environment, in addition to providing necessary illumination.  While there are various types of lighting, the wall sconce is one of the greatest that should be used in every room.  As people start to recognize the role of lighting plays in home decor, they are starting to realize the very important role of wall sconces.


Unlit, they exude great style, as they are beautiful fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing, and their location makes them very visible.  Pairing wall sconces is a must, as they are more appealing this way.  They can help to frame any object, from artwork to an architectural feature, such as fireplace.  Lit, they provide a wonderful source of light, unlike any other fixture can produce.

Choosing the Purpose of Wall Sconces

These fixtures can be used as accent lighting, and just as easily as ambient lighting.  They can be used on their own to create mood, or in combination with other fixtures, like chandeliers and pendant lights.  Use them in cozy and comfortable rooms, like dens, family rooms, and basements, or in formal spaces like the living room or dining room.  Depending on their style, they also provide a romantic flair, making them a perfect addition to any bedroom.  The bathroom is another great place to install these lights, which will also simplify grooming.


Available in endless design styles, finishes, textures, and colors, they are beautiful, effective, and efficient.  Choose from modern, contemporary, traditional, old world, or rustic design.

No matter how much space is available, regardless of your budget, there are wall sconces of every size, and made from virtually any material to add those important touches of detail to any space, whether it’s formal or informal.  Innovative designs from all over the world will ensure you add that all important flair to the space, as they will definitely transform its look.

Using the Right Wall Sconces

Modern Design Scheme

For a modern theme, choose simple, sleek wall sconces to pull it all together. Shiny chrome accents and fixtures that have straight lines are ideal to the look.


Contemporary Design Scheme

In contemporary design, there are clean lines, i.e., there isn’t any fussiness, but there is more shape involved than in modern design.

Slim Wall Sconces for Modern Decor
Traditional Design Scheme

In traditional decor, look for shapely light fixtures, with ornamentation.


Rustic or Country Design Scheme

When choosing wall sconces for rustic or country decor, there are many opportunities to bring lots of shapes and materials to provide that wow factor people desire. For instance, wall sconces made with antlers.

Wall Sconces


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