The Most Expensive Crystal Chandeliers in the World

The Most Expensive Crystal Chandeliers in the World

How Much Would You Pay For a Chandelier?

Many people of the middle class don’t often understand what goes into the most expensive “anything” in the world. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t recognize the differences between a high quality product, and one that’s mediocre, simply because they never came face to face with the former. What’s more is that most “average” people can’t fathom spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, for a light fixture, and can’t understand why anyone

would. Up close, however, almost anyone can see the difference between an inexpensive chandelier, and some of the most expensive crystal chandeliers in the world.

So What Are the Differences

For one thing, it has everything to do with the materials. In an expensive crystal chandelier, only top quality crystals are used, intricately cut to adorn the piece. For another thing, the designer will only use the best hardware, and often plated with gold, or other precious metals.

most expensive chandeliers

From Billionairexchange. This chandelier will be up for auction soon, with the starting bid being over $1.5 million.

No single factor dictates the price of a chandelier, but instead, various ones in combination. One factor that dictates its cost is the materials. Swarovski crystals, for example, are renowned for their quality, but much of that has to do with marketing, as there are numerous other leaders in crystal as well. Chandeliers are designed with hundreds of crystals, or more, and with varying cuts and designs.

The frame is another factor, as is its size. Obviously, the larger the chandelier, the more expensive it will be because its size is directly proportional to the amount of materials utilized in its construction. Chandelier design is yet another factor to consider in evaluating a chandelier. Very elaborate designs with intricate patterns will cost more.

One of the most expensive Bohemian chandeliers in the world hangs in the Dolmabahce Palace of Istanbul, in Turkey. It was a gift from Queen Victoria of England, and sports 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tonnes.

Most Expensive Chandelier

Only the wealthiest can afford such luxuries, but it’s important as a consumer to understand what goes into a fine chandelier that’s within your reach to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

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