Dramatic Lighting Effects–The Basics

Dramatic Lighting Effects–The Basics

Lighting 101

Interior designers have said it over and over–lighting is a crucial part of home design, and they’re not wrong. Lately, however, people are starting to realize just how important and valuable they are to the comfort and look of any room. Dramatic lighting effects are important to pack a punch, and we’ll show you what you need to look for to do just that.

Interesting Light Fixtures

A chandelier, for instance, should be looked at as something interesting, as a fixture. Moreover, it should be able to provide the right amount of light for the function of the space, but also cast beautiful shadows on walls and the ceiling,much like a wall pattern, as above.

A dramatic lighting effect should pique the interest of the onlooker, no matter what type of lights used. For example, lining the perimeter of a cove with lights is inviting and enhances interesting walls as it seeps light from the ceiling or roof. Track lights can have a similar effect, allowing you to shed light on a particular object or an entire wall.

Light Up Architectural Details

Homes graced with coffered ceilings give ample opportunity for such lighting, using strip lights with xenon lamps, or may be done with rope lights. This look is great for some drama, and coziness on a winter night.

Book shelves and niches can be beautifully enhanced using pot lights on a beam spread to bring out accessories. They easily put on display anything you want guests to see while adding interest and warmth to the space.

dramatic lighting

The glare of the lights can also create dramatic effects, casting rays of light that diffuse as they extend further from the the track or light fixture. Alternatively, you can use uplights to cast shadows and create wall or ceiling patterns of the object accented, like a plant. Talk about drama.

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