Dramatic Lighting Effects in the Bathroom

Dramatic Lighting Effects in the Bathroom

Bathroom Dramatic Lighting Effects

The bathroom is one room everyone uses for some reasons each day. As such, it has to respond to the various tasks of each user at any given time. Bathrooms today are impressive rooms, far beyond anything in the past, which is indicative of our changing needs. We rely on them so much to relax, bathe, groom ourselves, and so much more. For these reasons, adding dramatic lighting effects in the bathroom will make this space more efficient and more attractive than ever before.

How to Use Dramatic Lighting in the Bathroom

Consider adding light to almost any surface. Light up the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the base of the tub, the shower, the vanity–anywhere.

However, every light MUST be connected to a DIMMER switch to truly enjoy the full effects. Having maximum control over the level of illumination in the space will make it more useful and easier to complete any task, regardless of what that may be. It will draw attention to the room in addition to increasing its beauty and value–something not to be overlooked should selling be in the near or not-so-distant future.

Great Tips for Bathroom Lighting that Wows

A cove ceiling is appealing no matter what the space. Lit up in the bathroom, it becomes a showcase. It adds instant appeal and interest. Choose from string lights or other options to achieve this look, as below.

Any elevation in the space is another opportunity to add light to it. Steps leading up to a whirlpool bath, roman bath or clawfoot tub, for instance, could be ever so slightly lit to provide interest and safety.

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