Dramatic Lighting Effects for Living Rooms

Dramatic Lighting Effects for Living Rooms

Tricks for Dramatic Lighting in the Living Room

Your home is your castle, and yours alone, but while you may want to create a design scheme that suits you and your lifestyle, it doesn’t hurt to dazzle your guests a little bit, either. Using lighting strategically can take your space to the next level. And the more you use it appropriately, the more your space will stand out in the minds of your guests. Dramatic lighting effects for living rooms can make all the difference in making your entertaining space special.

Dramatic Lighting Effects

Stepping It Up a Notch

No matter what your budget, this is completely possible. Firstly, don’t get tied down to the idea that is common among the population with regards to lights–i.e., a table lamp or two and a ceiling mounted light fixture. While those are staples, stopping there is boring and bland. Step it up a notch to set the mood and create an interesting atmosphere.

Interesting Dramatic Lighting Effects You Can Use

  • Build a cove behind the couch and use rope lights. This makes the room inviting and comfortable. Go one further and build an open top cove to house thick bamboo that stands behind the sofa, and is illuminated with rope light.
  • Install a pendant light with interesting designs to cast wall or ceiling pattens when in use. When turned off, it will continue to add interest to the space with its design style.
  • A wooden room divider would add great appeal to a larger space. It can be implemented into the design with wood “beams” from floor to ceiling, and spaced apart. Lights between each beam can create great drama.
  • Light up niches with pot lights or rope lighting to highlight accessories or even a stone wall.
  • Lighted cove or coffered ceilings can really make a living room look fabulous. They can be illuminated using rope lights, for example.

  • A night sky or sky at dusk can also be created using special lighting effects and the ideal colors. The end result provides a ceiling that looks like the sky, and dotted with twinkling “stars.”
  • Of course, wall sconces are a must. The style, size and design will have a huge impact on the light and shadows casting off them.
  • Recessed lighting is another must to provide ample light. Always connect them to dimmer switches to have all the control and set the right mood for any given situation, function, etc.
  • Another interesting lighting solution over end tables is using ceiling mounted chandeliers that hang to just the right height. This frees up space on the tables and still adds sparkle and good light to make the room shine. Don’t be afraid to be different.

How to Do Lighting Right

As always, a plan is of the essence, and remember to take a step back and look at what you’ve created, one step at a time.  Use the multitude of examples that exist, whether it’s online, in a magazine, or if you need more realism, get into some design or lighting stores where you can see, feel, and get inspired. By all means, pay close attention to all the details so you get it right.

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