Designing Light Fixtures From Recycled Materials

Designing Light Fixtures From Recycled Materials

Make Your Own Light Fixtures

In a modern world with people who want to make a difference, recycling is the way to go. Reusing materials that really had their initial purpose terminated can create some of the most interesting designs, including unique and fascinating light fixtures. There are endless materials that can be used to light up your home, so long as they are safe.  It’s a wonderful way to contribute to saving our planet, with these useful materials finding a new purpose to make beautiful chandeliers, and feel good about them.  They are artistic and interesting, and will make a wonderful addition to any home, regardless of its style.

how to make your own light fixtures

Some great ideas to create your own light fixtures include using old wine or spirits bottles, clothes pegs, old bike rims, plastic bottle caps and bottles, old books and their pages, and the list just goes on and on.  Virtually anything can be used and repurposed but it does take some imagination.  If you’re not interested in doing the work yourself, can always buy these artistic designs instead.

Mason Jar Light Fixtures for the Kitchen

Once your homemade strawberry jam has finished, consider recycling your mason jars as pendant lights to hang over your kitchen island or peninsula.  By the same token, a beautiful chandelier can be created from old milk jars, easily attracting attention.


Making a Stunning Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Collect as many used used incandescent chandelier and other types of light bulbs attaching them to form a globe.  The actual light will come from one or two or more working light bulbs inside the globe, similar to what the designer, Tim Fishlock created and named, What Watt?. It’s stunning, unique, interesting, eye-catching, and eco-friendly.

make your own light fixtures

Fun Lighting in a Basement or Games Room

An excellent way to light up a basement or an entertainment room and eco-friendly way is through attaching used ping-pong balls, as below.  As the balls leave space between them, life is emitted through them, projecting a fun dot pattern around the room.

creative lighting

To really make it stand out, avoid using any other pendant light in the area and instead, opt for recessed lighting to illuminate the room further.

Inventive Light for the Home Office

An interesting way to illuminate the home office with the use of recycled materials can include CD cases.  Being repurposed, the plastic stays out of landfills, and looks absolutely incredible and in keeping with the idea of the home office.

cd light

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