Children’s Themed Light Fixtures

Children’s Themed Light Fixtures

Lighting Up Kids Rooms with Whimsical Fixtures

The sky is the limit with designing kids rooms to make them fun and exciting for their age group. To complete these rooms while maintaining the theme, use whimsical light fixtures ideal to children. Just like any room in the home, the kids room should be well lit, with light sources attached to dimmer switches for full illumination control. kids themed lighting

How to Choose a Kids Light Fixture

Firstly, consider your theme, and work off that. Secondly, consider the color scheme in the room, and either choose a contrasting color for more interest, or one that is already in the existing color scheme. As with any design element, it’s easy to overdo it, so try to demonstrate restraint since adults can get very excited too.

There should be general light coming from the ceiling, either with recessed lights or a ceiling mounted fixture or pendant with your child’s favorite characters, for instance. In a girl’s room, you could add a beautiful and delicate chandelier, if it is suitable to the design. For boys or girls, add fun lights, like colored cubes that light up and pack a real punch to the room.

Vibrant Kids Lighting

A beautiful moon pendant light fixture could also add lots to almost any theme. When choosing a fixture, ensure it is one that your child would appreciate, like an airplane fixture for kids who adore planes, or one with flowers or butterflies for children who fancy them. The key to the overall design is decorating the room using your child’s ideas and going from there. There’s a fabulous range of lighting choices available, to the point where it can be an overwhelming decision.

Let There Be Light

Aside from the general light, you’ll need to add some task lighting, as for the desk, that will provide a good amount of light to allow your child to accomplish various tasks, like reading, drawing, coloring, and so on. Desk lamps with the same theme are recommended, just to splash some more of it around.

Wall sconces also have a place in the child’s bedroom, so don’t neglect these incredible fixtures that become wall art and provide proper illumination. The difference between sophisticated wall sconces and those used in children’s rooms are all in the fun and the theme. For instance, they could be shaped as balloons, clouds, flowers, the solar system, or whatever your child’s interests.

Keep the Theme Going

Remember to keep the theme going with a table lamp and nightlight, just to ensure your look is cohesive. Keep in mind that they don’t all need to be identical, so long as they are within the same theme.

For instance, if the theme is zoo animals, you can choose different light fixtures for kids rooms with different zoo animals: the nightlight can be of a lion, the ceiling fixture can be a zebra, and so on.


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