Budget Lighting For Apartment Living

Budget Lighting For Apartment Living

Light Up Your Life on a Budget

Living in an apartment, which often translates into more of a short-term solution for many, means that there might be challenges with the existing light fixtures, in that are likely few and far between, not to mention, outdated and often ugly. You don’t have to live with them, as it just requires an easy installation if you choose the right fixtures for your new apartment, i.e. budget lighting for apartment living. Ugly light fixtures

Lighting Solutions for Renters on a Budget

Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees for most people, and since an apartment is likely to be a temporary living solution, then you need a temporary lighting solution that would be ideal to the size and style of that living space. There’s no use in spending thousands to light up an apartment that you would only call home for a year or two. Make the most of what you’ve got and shop economically.  See some great ideas you can use, below.

Don’t Just Live with the Existing Lighting Scheme

However, not spending a bundle doesn’t mean that you should just live with what you’ve got. Most of the time, existing lighting in an apartment is far from ideal, usually emitting very little light, meaning your place is mostly in the dark–and that’s not good for appearance, tasks, or your eyes.

Portable Light Fixtures

For apartment dwellers who may be on the move soon after renting the apartment, the smartest way to get the maximum amount of light in the space comes from portable light fixtures, although most really are. Even ceiling mounted chandeliers and pendants can easily be removed and taken to the next residence, but wall sconces and other such light fixtures are not. The reason is because there is rarely ready to wire lights  in walls, unlike the common electrical box in the middle of the ceiling. In other words, it will cost you a pretty penny to call in an electrician to wire such fixtures (something you should NEVER do alone).

 How to Light Up an Apartment on a Budget


It’s easy and quite economical. For kitchens, where lights are in great demand, choose track lights that extend their “arms” or brackets to maximize lighting with just one fixture. You can shed light exactly where you need it, whenever you need it.

Battery operated or plug-in under-the-cabinet lighting also helps to beautify the kitchen while giving you more light for cooking and cleaning tasks.

Track lights are also the solution in the living room, as well, providing all the light you need for special tasks, general lighting, and even accent lighting.

In the living room, use stick-on pot lights to create drama on bookshelves, all the while providing mood lighting ideal for a cozy night in.

Rope lights placed behind the sofa can easily pack a punch, too.

Lamps of all kinds are an absolute must as they provide great lighting necessary for tasks, for reading, and so on. And, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are numerous designs and styles available that are truly budget-friendly, and others you can find in second-hand stores, garage sales, etc. Don’t forget, you can change them up with some spray paint and even new shades. See also how to recycle materials into beautiful, creative light fixtures and chandeliers.

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