Bedroom Lighting Tips

Bedroom Lighting Tips

Lighting Up the Bedroom

The bedroom is becoming more than just a place to sleep, although that is its main function.  Many people are incorporating multiple functions for their bedrooms, especially when allows for it.  Modern construction has turned the bedroom, mainly the master bedroom, into suites as large as small apartments, which allows homeowners to turn them into havens where they can relax, unwind, spent the day in bed, or even work within the space.  However, each function requires its own specific lighting, in order for the room to be capable of handling all the demands.

bedroom lighting wall sconce accent lighting

Bedside Lighting

Lamps nestled upon night tables are the most common form of light used in the bedroom, and while these are beautiful and functional, there are other solutions as well, as shown below.  One of the most important factors that comes with choosing bedside lamps is their size and height.  Used mainly for reading, it must be at the right height to allow for the light to light up the reading material, so the lamp shade should be approximately level with your shoulder in your seated position when resting on the headboard.

Bedside Reading Lamp Height

Bedside Lamp Style

Furthermore, the lamp should not be treated solely as a lighting device, as it should blend in with the decor of the bedroom.  However, it should stand out without being overbearing, and thus must be within the right scale alongside other furniture items and accessories.  Basically, it should enhance the atmosphere of the room by blending in and without looking more prominent than other features within the space, and should be a part of the scheme for serenity that will help you relax and recharge.

bedside lighting

Tip: For some sparkle, choose lamps that are adorned with crystal, as above.

Alternative Beautiful Bedside Lighting Options

Aside from the common bedside lamp that sits comfortably on the night tables that flank the bed, you could choose matching pendant lights or chandeliers that suspended from the ceiling.  Not only do these provide the essential lighting, they also provide sparkle and romance, while at the same time free up lots of space on the night tables.

alternative bedside lighting

Chandeliers in the Bedroom

Gone are the days when a fleshed ceiling mounted light fixture provided the general light in the bedroom.  Today, there are many options to dress up and light up the space.  Whimsical chandeliers provide for a more romantic flair in the bedroom, adding sparkle and a sense of sophistication unlike any other light fixture.  It should be centered in the sleeping area, but not necessarily centered over the bed.

Lighting Up the Large Master Bedroom

In a large en suite, different areas can be created to make the space your very own.  The larger it is, the more that can be done, and an interior decorator can take full advantage of the space.  Having a little seating area with two arm chairs separated by a small table upon which a beautiful table lamp would be placed, will provide a great area for couples to talk, read, or have their morning coffee or tea.  Again, instead of a lamp, a pendant light that suspends from the ceiling can be just as useful and beautiful, as it defines the intended purpose of the space.

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The Home Office in the Bedroom

It’s not uncommon for people to use their larger bedrooms as a workspace.  This would call for a more elegant desk and chair, and of course, would require special task lighting.  General light overhead would be necessary, as would a desktop lamp that would allow you to tend to paperwork, or serve to provide ample light to relieve tired eyes that result from computer screens.

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