5 Rooms that Need Ceiling Fans

5 Rooms that Need Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans that Rock

Ceiling fans look great in a room, if the right one is chosen. You have to choose one that suits the existing furniture and decor within the room, as well as the right size. As this fixture is highly visible, it pays to invest a bit more to get one that’s attractive, durable and capable of cooling/heating a space. That’s right, they can do both, depending upon the direction in which they’re turning. What’s more is that ceiling fans can also be light fixtures, serving a dual purpose.




Comparing Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fans

While many opt for air conditioning, and why not, since it’s quite affordable, at least with regards to the purchase of window units, there are many downsides to air conditioning. For example, it’s not environmentally friendly, it’s not friendly to the wallet, and it makes the hot summer months seem that much hotter when you step outdoors.


The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Another benefit of ceiling fans is that they lend a romantic and casual feel to the room. Of course, they can be used in conjunction with air conditioning and heating units, to make them more efficient. Modern ceiling fans offer great performance, easy installation, and low energy consumption.


It’s an Investment

Splurging on a ceiling fan will also bring style to a room, as it will likely be constructed with quality materials, perhaps with beautiful natural woods and exquisite metals, from copper to cast iron, and of course, sleek nickel for modern design schemes. Many designs are timeless, so they will continue to look great year after year, and thus make for a great investment.

With every new year, new designs are created and made available to consumers so that they may achieve the comfort they want, along with great style. Some are designed to mimic palm leaves, others chandeliers.

chandelier ceiling fan

Innovative design has taken them to a whole new level, hiding blades from plain view, but without obstructing its main purpose, which is to cool the space. With a bigger budget, you can enjoy some incredibly beautiful works of art that conceal the sometimes industrial-looking blades with attractive and quality materials.

ceiling fans

Whatever your design, you will love what’s been done with ceiling fans over the last few years.

The ceiling fan light or lights can only provide some typically insignificant illumination in a space, which won’t be enough for any room regardless of its size, so be sure to incorporate other sources in your lighting plan. For instance, use recessed lights, a table lamp, and wall sconces to layer the light in the room.

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